7 Best Free Android Spy Apps for Catching a Cheating Spouse

free android spy apps cheating spouse

Are you worried that your spouse might be cheating on you? Well, you are not alone. Many individuals feel the same way and often suffer in silence. But now, with the advanced technology, there are several android spy apps that can help you monitor your partner’s activities discreetly. In this article, we will discuss some of the best free android spy apps that can help you catch a cheating spouse. By using these apps, you can find out the truth and safeguard yourself from emotional pain, financial loss, and legal consequences. So, let’s dive into the world of android spy apps and uncover how they work.

Best free spy app to catch a cheater

In this article, we’ll be looking at seven of the best free Android spy apps for catching a cheating spouse. We’ll cover features such as GPS tracking, call monitoring, text message viewing, and more. By the end of this article, you will have all the information needed to make an informed decision about which spying app is right for your needs. So let’s get started!

AppsPriceCompatibilityFree TrialRefund Policy
uMobixStarts at $29.99/monthAndroid, iOS1-day trial30-day money-back guarantee
mSpyStarts at $29.99/monthAndroid, iOSNo free trial14-day money-back guarantee
FlexiSPYStarts at $68/monthAndroid, iOSNo free trial10-day money-back guarantee
KidsGuard ProStarts at $29.95/monthAndroid, iOSNo free trial30-day money-back guarantee
SpyicStarts at $39.99/monthAndroid, iOSNo free trial30-day money-back guarantee
CocospyStarts at $39.99/monthAndroid, iOSNo free trial30-day money-back guarantee
HoverwatchStarts at $24.95/monthAndroid, Windows, MacNo free trial7-day money-back guarantee

1. uMobix – Most Secure and Reliable Android Spy App

If you suspect that your spouse might be cheating on you, it can be a gut-wrenching feeling. However, technological advancements have made it possible to monitor your partner’s behavior discreetly. Among the many mobile spying applications out there, uMobix stands out for being the most reliable and secure spy app for Android.

uMobix offers a wide range of features that enable you to monitor your partner’s activities on their Android device silently. With this app, you can track their GPS location, view text messages, emails, call logs, social media activity, and even listen in on their phone conversations. It operates undetected, and your partner will not even know they are being monitored.

What sets uMobix apart from other spy apps is its user-friendly interface and unbeatable reliability. It deploys advanced technology, ensuring that you receive real-time updates of your partner’s activities. Once you install the app on the target device, you can remotely access all the monitored data and receive alerts when your spouse interacts with suspicious contacts or enters unusual locations.

Furthermore, uMobix guarantees your security and privacy. It encrypts all the data that it collects from the target device, thus preventing unauthorized access by third parties. You are the only one with access to the information collected by the app, and that ensures that your spouse’s privacy is also protected.

Pros and cons of uMobix


  • Easy to install and use
  • Accessible from any device with a web browser
  • Can monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages, including multimedia ones
  • Track GPS location in real time
  • Monitor call logs, phonebook contacts, calendar events and browsing history.


  • Requires root access for full functionality on Android devices
  • Too expensive for the average user
  • No ability to block calls or websites

2. mSpy – Unrivaled Surveillance Features

If you suspect that your spouse may be cheating on you, you can rest assured that mSpy is one of the best spy apps for Android to help you catch them in the act. With its unrivaled surveillance features, mSpy allows you to monitor your spouse’s every move discreetly.

mSpy offers a range of advanced features that enable you to access your spouse’s call history, text messages, emails, social media accounts, GPS location, and much more. You can even set up alerts to notify you whenever your spouse is making a call, sending a message, or visiting a specific location.

One of the most impressive features of mSpy is its ability to allow you to monitor your spouse’s activity remotely. So, no matter where you are, you can always keep an eye on your spouse’s behavior and take action if necessary.

Moreover, mSpy is designed to be extremely user-friendly and easy to use. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy individual to install and use this app. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, so you can start monitoring your spouse’s activity within minutes of installing the app.

Pros and cons of mSpy


  • Easily accessible from any internet-enabled device.
  • Comprehensive and detailed reports of activities on the target device.
  • Ability to track location, text messages, WhatsApp conversations, etc.
  • Ability to monitor call logs and phone contacts.


  • Can be costly in comparison with other similar apps.
  • May not work on certain Android versions.
  • Requires rooting or jailbreaking of the target device for full access to features.

3. FlexiSPY – Full Featured Monitoring Tool

FlexiSPY is a comprehensive spy app for Android devices that comes packed with a variety of full-featured monitoring tools. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to catch a cheating spouse and keep a close eye on their activities. With a rich set of features and advanced capabilities, FlexiSPY is considered one of the best spy apps available today.

One of the standout features of FlexiSPY is its ability to provide real-time tracking and monitoring of a target phone. This means that you can track your partner’s location, monitor their calls and messages, and even see their browsing history in real time. With this level of visibility, you can quickly identify any suspicious activities and take appropriate action.

Another impressive feature of FlexiSPY is its ability to record all incoming and outgoing calls on a target phone. This means that you can listen to all phone conversations your partner has on their phone, even if they delete the call logs. Additionally, FlexiSPY also records all text messages, social media activity, and emails, providing you with a comprehensive view of your partner’s digital activities.

Moreover, FlexiSPY is designed to work in stealth mode, which means that it runs quietly in the background of the target phone, without raising any suspicions. This is particularly important when you’re trying to catch a cheating spouse, as you don’t want them to know that you’re monitoring their activities.

Pros and cons of FlexiSPY 


  • Allows remote monitoring of an Android device.
  • Ability to read text messages, emails and social media messages.
  • Can monitor GPS location and track call history.


  • Potential privacy concerns with using the app on someone else’s phone without their knowledge or consent.
  • Expensive compared to other similar spy apps on the market.
  • Could be used maliciously if not monitored responsibly.

4. KidsGuard Pro – Advanced Remote Monitoring

KidsGuard Pro is considered one of the most reliable and effective spy apps for Android devices when it comes to catching a cheating spouse. With its advanced remote monitoring capabilities, the app provides users with a wealth of information and insight into their partner’s activities.

One of the key features of KidsGuard Pro is its ability to track a wide range of data on the target device, including call logs, messages, and social media activity. This information can be accessed remotely, allowing users to monitor their partner’s behavior and identify any suspicious activity.

In addition to its monitoring capabilities, KidsGuard Pro also offers a range of other useful features. For example, the app can track the target device’s location in real-time, enabling users to keep tabs on their partner’s movements at all times. It also provides access to the target device’s camera and microphone, allowing users to remotely capture photos and audio recordings that may provide valuable evidence.

Pros and cons of KidsGuard Pro


  • Tracks GPS location in real-time
  • Monitors social media activity
  • Allows for remote access to the target device’s data
  • Can detect suspicious activities on the target phone
  • Has a stealth mode that remains undetected by the user of the target device
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices


  • Not compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems
  • It is expensive compared to other spy apps on the market
  • Must have physical access to install it on your spouse’s device
  • Potential legal implications depending on where you live

5. Spyic – Easy To Use Cell Phone Tracker

If you are suspecting your spouse of cheating on you, you may want to consider using a spy app to catch them red-handed. Among several spy apps available for Android devices, Spyic stands out as one of the best choices due to its easy-to-use cell phone tracker and advanced features.

Spyic is a popular spy app trusted by millions of users around the world. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows you to remotely monitor your spouse’s activities on their Android device, including their calls, text messages, social media accounts, and location.

What sets Spyic apart from other spy apps is the user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and operate. You don’t require any technical skills to install or use the software. All you need to do is create a Spyic account, install the app on your spouse’s Android device, and start tracking their activities from your online dashboard.

Spyic offers a cell phone tracker that allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your spouse’s phone using GPS. You can track their movements in real-time and get notified when they enter or exit a particular location. This feature comes in handy, especially if you suspect your spouse of having an affair with someone at a particular location.

In addition, Spyic has a keylogger feature that records all the keystrokes made on your spouse’s Android device. This feature enables you to view their usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information that can give you clues about their cheating activities.

Furthermore, Spyic works in stealth mode, meaning your spouse won’t suspect that you are monitoring their activities. The app is invisible, and even if they check the running apps on their device, they won’t find Spyic. This feature is crucial since you don’t want your spouse to catch you spying on them.

Pros and cons of Spyic


  • Easy to use and undetectable.
  • Can access messages, call logs, location tracking & more.
  • Live demo available to check the working of Spyic.
  • Inexpensive packages for Android devices.
  • No need for root access in most cases.


  • Only works on phones with a stable internet connection.
  • Initial setup can take around 10 minutes or more depending on the device type and configuration needed for rooting (if required).

6. Cocospy – All in One iPhone and Android Tracking Solution

Cocospy is considered one of the best spy apps for Android when it comes to catching a cheating spouse. Its all-in-one iPhone and Android tracking solution is designed to provide users with a comprehensive picture of their partner’s activities. This app was designed to operate stealthily in the background, making it virtually impossible for the cheating spouse to detect its presence.

One of the key features of Cocospy is that it allows its users to access their partner’s call logs, messages, photos, and even their social media activities. Cocospy’s advanced GPS tracking system is also a boon for suspicious users. It allows them to track their partner’s movements in real-time and even geofence locations that they shouldn’t be in.

Cocospy’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, even for people who may not be tech-savvy. To start using the app, all you need to do is install it on your partner’s device and then access the dashboard from any web browser.

While there are many spy apps for Android available in the market, Cocospy stands out because of its advanced features, 24/7 customer support and the ability to provide reliable and accurate data. Cocospy is also trusted by millions of users around the world, making it a reliable and reputable app to catch a cheating spouse.

Pros and cons of Cocospy


  • Easy to use interface
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Stealth mode for hidden tracking
  • Great customer service team
  • Ability to monitor multiple devices at once


  • Need active internet connection to work properly
  • Can be detected by antivirus programs
  • Subscription fee required for full access

7. Hoverwatch – Comprehensive Parental Control App

As one of the best spy apps for Android, Hoverwatch provides comprehensive parental control features that can help you catch a cheating spouse. With its advanced tracking abilities, you can monitor your spouse’s calls, texts, and social media activities, even if they deleted them. Additionally, Hoverwatch’s keylogger feature allows you to track all keystrokes made on the target device, giving you a complete picture of what your spouse is up to.

Hoverwatch’s GPS tracking feature is another useful tool for catching a cheating spouse. You can track your spouse’s location in real-time, allowing you to see where they are at all times. This feature is especially helpful if your spouse is lying about their whereabouts or meeting someone in secret.

One of the biggest benefits of using Hoverwatch is its user-friendly interface, making it easy to use for even the most technologically challenged users. Furthermore, the app runs in the background, so your spouse won’t even know they’re being tracked.

Pros and cons of Hoverwatch


  • Easy to install and use
  • Automatically records calls, messages, locations, etc.
  • Offers a wide range of features for monitoring your spouse’s activity
  • Can be accessed from any device with an internet connection


  • It requires root access on the target phone for some features to work properly
  • The cost might seem high for some users
  • It can’t monitor data if the user has deleted it already

How to Choose the Best Android Spy Apps for Catching a Cheating Spouse

Infidelity is a sensitive and heartbreaking issue that many couples have to deal with. If you suspect your significant other is cheating on you, it can be challenging to gain evidence to confront them. Android spy apps have proven to be very useful in providing concrete evidence of infidelity. However, choosing the best Android spy app can be overwhelming, given the plethora of options available. Here are some considerations to make when selecting the best Android spy app for catching a cheating spouse.

1. Compatibility with the Target Device

To successfully monitor someone’s phone activities, you need to confirm whether the app is compatible with their device’s operating system version. Android spy apps are designed to be compatible with various Android OS versions. When choosing the best app for your spying needs, it is essential to evaluate compatibility features before committing.

2. Features Offered

Different spy apps offer various features, such as GPS tracking, call recording, text message logging, social media monitoring, and email monitoring. It would be best to consider the features you need based on the type of information you want to obtain. However, it is worth noting that some features, such as call recording, require rooting the target phone.

3. User Accessibility and Ease of Navigation

The best spy apps are easy to navigate and user-friendly, even for people who are not tech-savvy. The interface should be straightforward, allowing users to access any information comfortably. Additionally, it would be best to select an app that provides detailed and organized reports containing every detail you need.

4. Cost of Installation and Subscription

The cost is an essential factor when selecting a spy app. You should compare different app prices before making a final decision. However, it is not advisable to compromise quality for price. Some Android spy apps are free, while others require a subscription or one-time payment plan.

5. Customer Support

The best Android spy app should offer quality customer support. In case you encounter any problems, you should be able to contact customer support to get immediate assistance.

In conclusion, choosing the best Android spy app is crucial in catching a cheating spouse. Ensure the product you select is compatible with your target device’s operating system, offers the features you need, is user-friendly, has an affordable cost, and provides quality customer support. Remember to conduct your research before buying.

Free Android spy apps cheating spouse FAQs

How do you track a cheating spouse without them knowing?

Using tracking apps is one way to track a cheating spouse without them knowing. Many of these apps allow you to monitor the locations of their phone and activity in real-time. Some even come with features such as keylogging, call recording, and screenshots capturing that allows you to view what your spouse is doing even when they are not using their device. Additionally, some of these apps can be used on multiple devices and will alert you if suspicious activities are detected. With the right app, you can discretely keep tabs on your partner’s actions and uncover any infidelity or deception before it’s too late.

Is there an app to track your spouse without them knowing?

Yes, there are several spy apps available that can be used to track your spouse without them knowing. These apps allow you to monitor their movements and activities, such as where they go and who they talk to. Some of these apps also include features such as call recording, messaging tracking, and GPS location tracking. Be sure to check the app’s legal disclaimer before using it in order to abide by relevant laws and regulations.

How can I track my partner’s phone without him knowing for free?

Using phone monitoring apps is one of the easiest ways to track your partner’s phone without him knowing. There are several free phone monitoring apps available online that can help you do this. These apps allow you to view call logs, text messages, locations visited, and other activities performed on the device. You can even set up alerts for suspicious activity or words used in communication that may signal a potential problem. With these powerful tools at your disposal, keeping an eye on your partner’s activities has never been easier.

What is the most common apps cheaters use to communicate?

Cheaters often use messaging apps that allow them to communicate secretly with their lovers. Some of the most commonly used apps among cheaters include WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. However, with the increasing popularity of spy apps, betrayed partners now have the opportunity to catch cheating spouses in the act.

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